Build a PC Mixing Dual Channel Pair and Single Channel Pair Memory question

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I've been running Kingston HyperX 240-Pin DDR2 675 (PC2 5400) Dual Channel SDRAM for over a year now. I just realised that it is only running in Single Channel mode. I'm pretty sure it's because my mobo Foxconn 915A01-P-8EKRS only supports Dual Channel with a bandwith of up to 533 (PC2 4200). My question is, if I purchase the 533 version will I be able to run the new pair with Dual Channel while running the old pair with Single Channel?

(I know that the old pair will probably jump down to 533 also.)

Also, do you think it would be worth it for $100? Is there a noticeable difference?

Thanks for the help.

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need more specs

does your mobo have 4 ram slots if so use the 1st and 3rd that should run it in dual channel !!

also make sure you on have 2 sticks in not 3 :slurp:

and the answer is to your question what ever the lowest speed ram is. the other ram will be clocked down to run at that same speed the lowest speed
takes the rains !!! :eek:
and you will notice the difference running dual chanel

but for reall speed difference ditch your ram and buy GEIL ULTRA
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I've tried that anyway though and all I got was a loud beep from my mobo and it wouldn't power on, indicating a memory problem.

It does have 4 ram slots but putting memory in using the 1st and 3rd slots is either only for DDR ram or it's just an old way of doing it and not supported anymore. Im sure that my setup at least, is supposted to be lowest slots first.

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hey hey hey

how stupid of me you cant run ddr1 along side ddr 2 it just doesnt work !!!!
what are you thinking ??????? :knock:
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Both are DDR2.

I've also noticed that it's only running at 266MHz. Might be because only 533 is supported and memory is 675. So it knocked it down to 266 instead of 533....weird.
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Sratch that. I figured I'd give it one more try, and what do you know. It worked. 1st and 3rd slot now show up as Dual Channel. Thanks computer help your the man :grinthumb.

Still sux that its only running at 266MHz though. Well I decided to give Kingston a call and they said that there might be some configuration I have to set or something. Unfortunatly the HyperX department only works from 6-6 so I'm gunna have to wait untill tomorrow.
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Well I just spoke to support and they said that 266MHz is what it is supposed to be running at because it's DDR2 so 2X266 = 533MHz. Finally everything is worked out :giddy:.

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SOLVED thread closed

glad to see my advice was right i build alot of pcs so ive made plenty of mistakes my self in the past we all do it simple mistakes are often the worst
good for you man good for you :) and by the way its rediculous that all mother boards are different when it comes to ram 1st and 3rd
1st and second oh why dont they make it all the same communist
hardware companies !!! lol :knock:


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never mix brands, speeds, or types of memory. At best it will run at the slowest speed available, at worst, you'll get lockups or it won't work at all.
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