MLab study shows most and least BitTorrent friendly ISPs


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Back in 2009 Google and a group of partners formed the Measurement Lab, an open project of distributed servers meant to help researchers gauge just how well an internet connection…

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My ISP isn't even listed, yet a couple years ago I was forced to move because my address was "black listed" for piracy. I can neither confirm nor deny if it was true.


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cota said:
Good thing everything is legal in Mexico, its the american way!
Mexico just figures, reasonably, that they don't have a dog in that fight.

Might be some resentment there too, for the way the U.S. expects Mexico to fight U.S. black market problems. Just how many problems can one upper tier third-world country reasonably be expected to manage for the U.S.?

Revolution 11

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spydercanopus said:
It's even legal for the gov't to force gardasil vaccines on your little girls.
Gardasil has the potential to cut cervical cancer deaths by about 66%. The government in one way or another has always "forced" people to take vaccines like the polio vaccine for public safety.

I don't see the problem here.