modem not recognized after windows reinstall

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Jan 23, 2006
  1. Hey, Can Someone please help me. I just erased my hard drive and then reinstalled windows XP SP2. When I got done, the modems tab was gone. It came back later, but my modem is not being recognized. If I take it out and put it back in, it does nothing. I need this soon, so that I can verify my windows XP and register it. I only have 28 days. I also need to know how to wipe out my memory. If anyone can help me that would be great. Thanks, Nick!!
  2. iss

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    when you say it isnt recgnized do you mean it doesnt show up at all? have you tried installing the drivers for your modem?
  3. Nodsu

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    Or the chipset drivers for your motherboard?

    BTW you can activate Windows over the phone too..
  4. bornondate1967

    bornondate1967 TS Rookie

    Hello. I to have this problem. I built my own pc. Every thing works great(with an external modem) except I can't get windows to reconize my modem. When I first installed windows xp with service pack 2, It reconized the modem instantly. Then I thought I had a problem and reloaded windows again. That is when the trouble started. I have been through hell and high waters trying to figure this out. I have tried all three slots with different modems. I even sent the ASUS p5nd2 sli deluxe into asus to have the pci slots tested. and it came back that all were working fine. So I ordered a usb pci plug and play card to see if I could get it to work. I can't even get it to work. It seems like it is their but it is not coming up on my hardware in the device column under the name that is is suppose to . I am at wits end here. I have talked to microsoft on the phone, asus, even took into best buy to see if they could get a card to work in the slots. No dice. Any resonalbe advice on how to get this thing fixed would be dearly appreciated. Thanks, doug.
  5. N3051M

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    check bois settings? and check that jumpers (if any) are correct configuration..
  6. bornondate1967

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    Their are no bios settings for the pci slots. Also no jumpers on the p5nd2-sli deluxe MB.
  7. N3051M

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    update drivers and bios.
    goto bois and there should be something about plug and play devices. make sure tahts enabled.
    try your modem on another pc and see if it recognises it, preferably with same specs and setup.
    using a soft eraser clean the contacts on the pci card and with a can of compressed air blow all the pci slots as well, and when you install it again, double check it is sitting properly and not hanging on the pc case
    goto device manager and in modems remove any modem adaptors present, same with network adaptors. reboot.

    post back before you try the step underneath.

    if all fails your last options is to roll back windows sp1 and see if its coming up in there.
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