MOHAA problem

By D-MaC
Apr 25, 2004
  1. I get the following message when i try to boot up mohaa. I tried to browse the cd's but im not sure where to find the file or w/e it is its asking for. I would just reinstall the game and not think twice about it but my cd's are scratched so bad that it just freezes uplon trying. Any ideas?

    --- Common Initialization ---
    Medal of Honor Allied Assault 1.11 win-x86 Mar 5 2002
    ----- FS_Startup -----
    Current search path:
    c:\windows\main\pak6.pk3 (104 files)
    c:\windows\main\Pak2.pk3 (4722 files)

    4826 files in pk3 files
    Couldn't load default.cfg
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