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Apr 5, 2005
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  1. Spike

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    heh! too true!

    I started off being given a low grade pc, whic I upgraded within a few months in various ways. That gave me a collection of working parts, which I used to upgrade someone elses machine, leaving me with a collection of less useful working parts, putting them together, I made a first time PC for a technophobe, who gave me an old non-working computer to test. Id didn't work so got stripped for parts that did work.

    Reecntly, I build a brand new pc for the person whos pc I upgraded originally, to replace the lame duck she boaght as a second pc. In return, she paid me generously, AND gave me the old pc. I'm now planning on using the old PC she gave me for a charitable environmental project. Possibly as a internet only machine, but if I absolutely have to, I'll be using it as a file server for the network I'm going to be setting up.... and so it continues. They themselves have a couple of old old machines that have been donated to them. Who knows?

    I've done a fair few bits inbetween, and all of it charitably (not asked for a thing in return!). I rather suspect though that I caould easily have made one hell of a lot of cash from it if I'd been that way inclined. :)

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