Monitor asleep

By satchmo
Dec 10, 2008
  1. I finished building my new rig, and everything works fine, except that when I turn on the computer, the monitor does not turn on.

    I have a Hyundai L90D+. It works just fine with my old computer (that's what I am typing with now).

    I cannot even manually turn on the monitor. The damn thing just wouldn't turn on.

    Everything else runs fine, because I can hear the OS loading and the audio feedback is fine.

    Every ten boots, the monitor would turn on.

    I changed all sorts of settings on BIOS, but nothing works.

    Any ideas?

    The strangest thing is that the problem is intermittent.

    If I press the reset button, sometimes the monitor would turn on, but most of the times not.

    What the heck?

    EVGA support thinks it may be a defective gfx card.

    It's rare that a company would own up to its own faulty component.

    I thought they would blame the mobo or the monitor.
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