Monitor gets on/off or flashes/flickers

Navin Talati

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I have a system configuration as under:

Motherboard: Asus M4A88T-M.
Processor: AMDc Phenom (tm) II X2 555
RAM: (4 GB XMS3 corsair + 2 GB Kingston) + 8 GB module = 14 GB DDR3

Recently, upon starting the computer, the screen of monitor starts flickering/flashing like as if it gets ON .... OFF...

I checked the monitor (SyncMaster B2230). It seems ok. I also tried with an LG Smart TV by using it as monitor. But it also behaves as above (I.e. like above SyncMaster monitor).

Thus I came to conclusion that the issue is with the system and not with the monitor.

I request guidance that
What could be the culprit?
How to resolve it?

Please help me.

Navin Talati / 25-05-2022

Navin Talati

Posts: 74   +2
If you used the same video cable change that out first because it is easy, otherwise I am thinking video card.
Thank you for the reply. Sir.
I tried by changing the data cabled, also tried VGA and HDMI cables, but not working.
"MENU" is also not appearing upon pressing soft switch on the monitor (SyncMaster B2230) panel.
There is not a separate video card in the system. MoBo is Asus M4A88T-M.
Can this be repaired?