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By ComradeColya
Oct 19, 2012
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  1. I built a PC for my mom and to test it out I unplugged the monitor from my PC to use for hers. Computer booted up fine but the monitor was getting no signal. I reseated the RAM and such but still no signal. Decided to give up on it for the night and plugged the monitor back into my PC but now the monitor isn't getting a signal there either. I'm typing this from my laptop, which I tried plugging into the monitor and... it worked. My laptop displayed to the monitor just fine.

    What does this mean!?

    How is my monitor not getting a signal from both of my desktops yet my laptop is able to give the monitor a signal?

    Any ideas on how to fix this or should I just pull my hair out and start bashing things with a hammer?
  2. goose165513

    goose165513 TS Rookie

    I have had an issue like that before, tho my issue was kinda stupid, but I share it anyways,

    I have a game card installed in my computer, and found out that your monitor "HAS" to be plugged in to the game card and not the motherboard itself, otherwise it wont turn on, or you get a message sayin, please reattach to game card on screen, also check to make sure that your monitor cable lines arn't kinked in anyway and check the heads for any bent wires that dont like they are suppose to be. that would be my guess, common error for me lol hope this helps
  3. Tmagic650

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    "and found out that your monitor "HAS" to be plugged in to the game card"... This game card is called an add-on or 3rd-party video card. If ComradeColya's desktops have add-on video cards and integrated video too... This could be an issue

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