monitor not working - sometimes

By Row1
Apr 16, 2007
  1. hello- I recently bought a used NEC LCD monitor. It doesn't work all of the time: it is fine when working but sometimes will not come on at all. I thought it was an outlet thing, because it did not come on in one outlet but then came on with another outlet. But now, it won't come on at all. When it is on, it never goes off. The only problem is will it come on, and it only rarely does come on.

    It is: NEC black, 15" LCD 1550v. I can't find a spec manual on the web anywhere.

    The seller refunded my money, so I am not really upset about it. But if I can get it working, that would be great.

    My guess is it is a power switch problem. Does anyone have a better guess? Does anyone know how easy it might be to open up this LCD monitor and examine the connections?

    If I take it to a shop, how much might they charge? I want to try to fix it myself since I am sure I could just buy another used for what the shop would charge.
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