Motherboard BIOS update

  1. Hello! I'm new here at Tech Spot. This is a great website. [​IMG]

    Where can I get a copy of the newest BIOS update for my motherboard?

    Model: Asus P5GD1-VM Motherboard
    Version: 0602
    Chipset: I915
    Date: 09/06/2005-16:48:11
    Onboard Sound: Azalia (swa)
    Onboard LAN: Exist (wl)
    BIOS Size: 512 K
    BIOS Type: AMI

    I downloaded all BIOS .ROM files in the official website of Asus. But it weren't compatible with the BIOS to be flashed.

    Please help me! Thank you very much in advanced!
  2. hood6558

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    The latest BIOS for your board is version 1015. It's not necessary to load each BIOS in order, just load the latest. To load the BIOS you must copy it to a floppy disc and rename it P5GD1-VM.ROM If you didn't rename it, that's why it won't load. On the same Asus download page, you can get the user manual for your board, which goes into detail how to reflash the BIOS. It can render your motherboard un-bootable if you do it wrong, so I would read the manual before attempting it again, and follow instructions carefully.

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