Motherboard chipset defect or not? (P8P67 Pro rev 3.1)

By SlateTV
Sep 8, 2011
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  1. Greetings again,

    Unfortunately I suffered from BSoD's for months and I was required to send the PC to be tested. Turns out the RAM was defect and, as said by the first specialist that checked it, so was the Motherboards Chipset. I got new RAM and send the mobo to be checked by the retailer. After I week I get an email from the retailer stating that after 55hours of using a Burn-In test it showed no faults. I called the original guy and he 100% assured me the chipset was indeed defect. The retailer wants to send me my original mobo back and I'm not sure what to do... Is the Mobo defect or isnt it?>< Any insight would help me out a lot. Thanks in advance!


  2. Arris

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    Unless your box and motherboard are marked as "Rev B3" then the chipset is defective.
    The initial P67 intel chipsets had a flaw in the sata 3(6g) controller. With continued use of the controller a transistor suffered degradation which resulted in diminished performance from sata devices connected to it.

    I contacted Asus directly regarding this issue and sent my motherboard back to them and they sent me a replacement out within a week. I'm not sure if their replacement scheme has ended now. If it has you might only be able to return the motherboard to the retailer for replacement. On the other hand, unless you have any Sata 3(6G) devices and are using the intel controller (there is also a marvell controller on the motherboard which can handle Sata 3(6G) devices) you won't notice any issue with it.

    - My experience with dealing with Asus
    - Techspot news details regarding the chipset flaw

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