Motherboard combatablity?

By Julian309
Apr 22, 2006
  1. I am just wondering if a X1900XT will work with a Asus P5ld2 Skt 775 945 Chipset? It has a PCIe slot but I was wondering if there might be any hidden barriers? other system stuff 480w PSU, 1gb crucial DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Ballistix RAM, INTEL PD 820 2.8 2M 800FSB LGA775 CPU

    P.S. Im pretty sure the RAM will work because it says it can have 667 but doesnt say witch standard?
  2. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    All should be good. What make is the PSU, the X1900X is a beast of a power hog?
  3. Julian309

    Julian309 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    the power supply: 480W TruePower II Power Supply, ATX12V V2.0 (TPII 480)
  4. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    That Power supply has dual 12v rails with 18A each.. that's the BARE bones amount to drive that card. I'd usually recommend 19A MINIMUM, or 20-22A for solid performance.

    Give it a whirl as Antec's are pretty good quality and beefy. Just be aware you're at the very, very critical minimum draw the 1900 series will pull.. so any weakness or wear on that PSU (or over/underloading) can cause instability.
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