Motherboard monitor and video card monitor conflect

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Feb 20, 2005
  1. hey guys,
    I thought it would be sweet to run a duel monitor setup on my computer but
    when i installed my video card my comp aways runs on the video card monitor,
    it doesn't even show the motherboard monitor is there. I was wondering what could i do to fix this.
    BTW. the video card is a maddog predator Radeon 9250 pci.
    the computer is. compaq presaio s5100nx with 768 ddr and 2.6 mhz running on windows xp home.
  2. Lunatic

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    You may have to change something in the bios, I have done this before but I dont remember what the setting was.
  3. SOcRatEs

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  4. i_need_answers

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    thanks for your tips i got it to work but i need to know how to expand
    my desktop over to the other screen. i have both screens showing the same pic
    as the background. i can drag and drop icons and apps. but i don't know how
    to expand the bottom toolbar and make both screens show one big pic.
    thanks for any help.
    remember i have xp home.
    btw. any app i lauch automatically pops up on the primary screen.
  5. SOcRatEs

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    I think XP is the same as Win2k.
    Right click the desktop & go to properties, settings.
    there should be an option to extend desktop to this monitor.
    being the secondary vid may need to go into the advanced button.
    I understand games won't work unless they support multiple monitors. Like flight sim and such...
    G'luck :bounce:
  6. i_need_answers

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    thanks i downloaded an program called Ultramon. real handy for the time being.
    but its only a 30-day trial so i might either figure it out or but it.
    thanks for ur help though.
  7. shadow_29

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    well...i think you are having truble with dual displays,first of all if you are trying to run one monitor on your video card and the other on onboard video,than you should make your way down to bios and change the vga shared memory to something like 16 or 32 and see if video memory or vram or onboard videos not disabled(it depends on your bios settings,so i cant tell which one you have).second you'll need to update your gart driver if you have an agp card ,if you have a via chipset then install via hyperion 4in1 drivers when all this is done right click on your desktop->goto properties->settings->see the drop down dispay option see which one are availale and then try to identify each monitor one by one by clicking the identify button on each you should be able to use your dual screen after adjusting your resolution etc.all you need to do now is drag from one monitor to another.
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