Motherboard problem, HP TouchSmart TX2

By DjCreed
Dec 13, 2011
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  1. Hello..

    My Problem is: i have a HP TouchSmart TX2 laptop. and when ever i shutdown my laptop i cant turn it on again. i need to hold on to the power button for about 30sec.
    then i can turn it on. by now i still can use it. but it really makes me worried.

    Model : HP TouchSmart TX2 s/t: tx2-1115au
    OS : Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
    Ram : 4GB from original
    HDD : 320GB from original
  2. Bickymac

    Bickymac TS Rookie

    Your computer might just be going into standby mode instead of actually powering down, check your shutdown settings.
  3. DjCreed

    DjCreed TS Rookie Topic Starter


    sorry what i mean is... it will turn on... but there is no display on the screen. then i need to hold on the power button for about 30sec. then it will go on...
  4. akannitaoheed

    akannitaoheed TS Rookie Posts: 79

    have you tried using the quick play buttons to power on? Try using the qp buttons by the screen n see what happens.

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