Motherboard Problem - SIS Chipset Versus Nforce2

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Hi all

I have a problem. My motherboard died on me.

It was a K7NCR18D Pro with the nforce2 chipset (specs can be seen here:

Anyway, it was under guarantee so it was replaced by Evesham with a new board based around the SIS 741 chipset... the new board is called K7s741MG (specs can be seen here:

I want to know if this is a fair deal or not. Some of my more technically minded friends say that sis 741 is an inferior chip and therefore the board is inferior to the one i originally had. They say that I should insist that Evesham replace my board with another nforce2 board. Evesham say there is no performance difference between the two boards. Anyone know any different. I havent got a clue - im not exactly technically gifted. I would really be grateful for some advice.


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Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

Without a question!
SiS is inferior to nForce2 but nForce2 is not exactly
the best avail today.
How is the new board running?

If you are in the states, I believe they have to
replace with equall or better. You may want to check local
Also look at any info you have from Evesham, there
may be something in the contract..
Let us know what happens
Many thanks for replying to my post. I spoke with Evesham and to some extent they could understand my unhappiness. However, they argued that because it is a socket A board and pretty old it is hard to get replacement parts for it. What they gave me got me up and running without any performance differences that I would notice.

I asked if there was any alternatives and they basically said no. Like it or lump it so to speak. Subsequently my system has been a little unstable and it turns out that my 9800Pro may be faulty. They are sending an engineer next week to sort out all my problems and hopefully upgrade my graphics card (if they dont have a 9800pro left in stock). Fingers crossed!
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