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Feb 16, 2006
  1. I am trying to upgrade my motherboard because the one I have doesn't have pci-e slot in it, and I want to buy pci-e video card. I have 754 socket processor and 754 socket motherboard currently installed. so can I buy any motherboard that is 754 socket with pci-e slot in it or there is a risk if I change my motherboard?
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    if you're going to buy a new board, I would ditch the 754 and get socket 939 so that you can take advantage of dual channel memory configuration.

    I wouldn't buy a new 754 mobo just to have a PCI-e slot, if you want to stick with 754 dispite it's memory drawbacks, then keep your current mobo and just get a nice AGP card.
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    Dennis, why don't you post your current system specs and also what you're thinking of upgrading to (and what your upgrade spending budget is) so we can suggest the best upgrades for the money that you are willing to spend.
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    Right now I am just thinking upgrading my motherboard just so I can have pci-e slot. And after that I have to buy a video card. so I can do around $400 to $450 dollard upgrade. But I also heard that if I upgrade my motherboard I have to reinstall the windows and I am not good at it at all. I have to back up everything and install all the drivers, I might mess up my computer so what is the best thing to do? Have somebody do it or just buy nice Agp card like x850xt or 7800gs?
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    again.. it is not worth changing your mobo just to have a PCI slot. You will not notice any difference in performance between a PCI-e and an AGP card. Just because a faster interface is available doesn't mean that the rest of the system can utilize it.

    Your CPU socket type is what is limiting your performance, not your graphics card interface. When you upgrade your mobo, upgrade your CPU as well. (you can upgrade more than just your video card with $450).

    Until you are ready to upgrade your CPU as well, then just get a nice AGP card.

    ..and yes, changing your mobo will require reinstalling windows along with all your device drivers (you may be able to perform a "repair install, but that often leads to an unstable system)
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    Thank you so much for help guys.
    Now I don't need to worry about the upgarding motherboard because I just bought BFG 7800 GS OC Agp video card and that should do it.
    Thanks again
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