Motherboard/RAM compatibility question

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Mar 22, 2008
  1. I am looking to upgrade my motherboard... will a MB with 1066 memory standard support my DDR2 800 so long as it is a DDR2 board?
  2. Matthew

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    Yes, it will work fine. I assume you're looking at Newegg's product specifications?
  3. ChrisTL

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    Indeed. I'm a pretty loyal customer of Newegg; seems there are many.
  4. captaincranky

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    Applying the Brakes.....

    The mobo should automatically operate the memory at it's (the memory's) rated speed. The only issue that could (but normally doesn't) arise, is the memory's operating voltage. DDR2 standard voltage is 1.8, some brands of RAM deviate from this. High performance (overclockable) RAM sometimes requires a higher voltage.

    A rule of thumb is you can usually use a slower part than the motherboards operating frequency but not a faster one. For instance a mobo with a 1333Mhz FSB will permit you to use a CPU with a 1333, 1066, or even an 800Mhz FSB. But, you couldn't use a 1333Mhz FSB CPU in a mobo with only a 1066 0r 800Mhz FSB.
  5. ChrisTL

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    Thanks for the information guys!
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