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By si007
Jul 24, 2002
  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm going to build a new system for my nephew primarily consisting of a AMD XP1700 processor and 256 PC2100 DDR memory. This is my first attempt at building an AMD rig so I'm a bit unsure which motherboard to get. He uses it for games, graphics work and occasional music. I have an Abit myself in my Pentium rig and I think it's pretty good so I thought about getting one of those but, as to which one, I really don't know. Sometimes there's just too much choice :D So, I would really appreciate it if I could have any recommendations regarding which model would be a good one for his purposes.

    Many thanks.

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    Abit and Asus both make excellent boards. When choosing a board keep in mind what expansion devices will be used, make sure you get one with 4x AGP (since he'll be gaming) enough PCI slots for whatever he will be using. How much RAM will the system have, will he want to add more later? Will he be using USB, 1394? If he uses both, you can get one onboard but need a free PCI slot for a card for the other. Does he want RAID?

    Answer those questions and find a board that includes those features.
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