Motherboard's onboard audio stopped working

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Oct 8, 2007
  1. Hello,
    I recently put together a new system using a MSI K9NBPM2-FID mobo, Athlon 64 x2 5200, 2 Gb of Corsair XMS, and a Seagate 500 Gb SATA hard drive. I installed windows xp with no problem and everything worked. I then shut down the system and reconnected some old ide hard drives to transfer files that I wanted from the old system. After the transfer was complete, I shut down the pc and removed the old hard drives. I powered back up and there was no sound. I have checked in BIOS, tried uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers and audio devices/codecs, and tried reinstalling windows twice. I have also tried plugging the stereo into a different device to make sure it wasn't the stereo. Does anybody have any ideas if there is anything else that is fixable or is it most likely that the audio hardware failed after 1 day? Thank you for any suggestions or help.
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    If you re-installed Windows twice and sound didn't work: did you then go to device manager and see that all is O.K.? Do you have a sound card that needs drivers or still needs to be reinstalled? All that I know audio on my Pc's is Window's "multimedia audio controller"...Sound card and it's drivers and installing it...then your speaker system. I bet this will turn out to be a simple thing like mute turned on somewhere or something. Good Luck.
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    I did check all of the volume controls in the sys tray and in control panel and device settings/resources with each install thinking that something had changed, but I didn't find anything. If I remember, the very first time I installed windows, I did have to install drivers for the audio to work. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling those drivers along with updated drivers off of the MSI site and off of Realtek site.
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    Did you load all the drivers from the motherboard install disk after loading XP?? This is a step that most people forget when reformatting their hard drives. The install disk will contain a vital driver for your bus. Without it, you can download a million drivers and none will work without installing the critical elements from the motherboard disk.
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    I did load the drivers from the disc, but it seemed like there weren't enough drivers on the disk. There was 1 Nvidia file listed under drivers, and the rest were for a firewall, directx, and other various programs(like cool n quiet). Since the mobo has onboard audio and video I kept thinking that there should be more install files, but figured that the disc was set to install all files with the one executable. I forgot to mention previously and don't know if it makes a difference...on the previous install(before the audio stopped working) a display would pop up showing that a line was connected to the audio out. If the line was moved to a different location, it would detect it. After it stopped working, the program wouldn't detect the line at all...I tried moving it to different audio outs and changing the software to match for the setup, but nothing. Are there any programs which could do a diagnostic on the hardware, just to make sure or does anyone know of any similar problems with Nvidia chipset and Realtek HD sound?
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    I wanted to thank everyone for their help. I've decided to just buy a separate audio card, rather than go through the process of RMA and have to change over cpu and RAM.
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