Mounting your PS5 vertically might lead to catastrophic failure from liquid metal leakage


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That should be enough off topic politics in this thread. Thank you.


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Or someone attempted to repaste it and did'nt know what he or she was doing.

I doubt it that a factory like Sony applies Liquid metal in too much of a dose, even risking the above.


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I've been watching TheCoder for years. He's a fantastic console repair guy and has been fixing PS5 GPU's by mopping up leaking liquid metal and then painting the caps on the boards with conformal coating for all that time. This has just suddenly blown-up on the internet for some reason and now sites like this and LTT are all talking about it.
He certainly isn't a fake and never asked for this publicity. It just shows how moronic the internet 'community' is that this is the reaction of so many people. Clearly they knew thermal paste would leak off the chip otherwise they wouldn't have surrounded it with sticky tape and sponge, but this is such a poor solution to the problem that issues are bound to arise.