Mouse Not Working Properly

By cfitzarl
Aug 6, 2007
  1. Hi everyone :) ! My friend has a problem with his mouse while playing CS:S; in which he has 2 mouses....1 for gaming, 1 for computing. The one for computing is hooked into the PS/2 Slot (MX1000), and his gaming mouse (G5) is hooked up to his USB Port. He has run this perfectly for a while now, using both mouses when necessary, but after a faulty uninstall of FarCry, he had to re-install Windows (I don't know the specifics), and when he restored everything, he installed his mouse drivers, and whenever he loads up CS:S, he can't play due to the fact that his mouse is too fast. He has tried to adjust his setting in-game and it doesn't work; he has also tried re-installing his drivers with no luck. I had him download the "MouseWare" software put out by Logitech, but that was no luck either :( . So...does anybody know what might be wrong?
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