Mozilla Firefox redirects to junk site

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Mar 25, 2008
  1. cornerston

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    Hi. I downloaded hijackthis from the link posted above. I ran a scan with log and came up with a lot of stuff. I don't know which ones to remove and which ones to keep. The posting above also said to copy the log I get and some nice computer genius will hopefully come to my aid. So, if that is the case here is the log I get. If no one does help with that if someone could tell me where I could get some assistance. I really appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. Bobbye

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    If you are getting redirected, you need to run two other programs, then repeat the scan with HijackThis.

    Please start a new thread, telling us specifically what YOUR problem is. This thread is almost a year old. It's here for reference, but not a new post.

    Please follow the Steps For Virus and Malware Cleaning here:

    When you have finished running the three cleaning programs, please attach all three logs for review.

    NOTE: MOST of the entries in the HijackThis logs are okay. We don't expect you to determine which to remove. We will do that for you.
  3. cornerston

    cornerston TS Rookie

    Firefox redirecting me to junk sites

    Hi again, Thank you for responding so fast.
    I am having problems with Firefox. I have always used Internet Explorer but was finding that it was taking up a lot of memory and CPU (my computer terms may be off, sorry). Anyways, when I use Firefox I have found that it redirects me to junk websites whenever I attempt to follow a link from any search or website. If I copy the link directly into the address bar then it usually works. The websites it sends me to have nothing to do with the link I am attempting to follow. This is really annoying because it makes it very difficult to navigate webpages. I ran Yahoo's antispy software from the toolbar I downloaded from them and it found several "tracking cookies" and some of them were the names of the websites I was being diverted to. So, I might just switch back to Internet Explorer if I can't get this Firefox problem fixed.
    When I ran Hijackthis it came up with a large log file but I'm not sure which items are safe or not. I tried sending it to Trendsafe through the link on the software panel but I get an error message about server connection problems. I also tried following the link you gave me but it doesn't go to any website even if I use Internet Explorer. If you could help me out I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much.
    ( I tried attaching the log file for hijackthis but I was not able to because I have already attached it to my last message)
  4. Bobbye

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    I can't do anything about malware without something to look at. That's part of the logs- not only do the programs remove most of the malware, but HijackThis shows me what is running on your system.

    If you're getting a redirect, copying the URL won't make a difference- you'll still be sent to the wrong site. It sound more like you have a link problem because you don't have the correct default browser setting.

    Open Firefox> Tools> Options> Advanced section> System Defaults> CHECK 'always check to see if Firefox is the default'> Click on' Check Now'> Answer Yes.

    Now go and open Internet Explorer> Tools> Internet Options> Programs tab> UNCHECK 'always check to see if IE is the default browser'> If you get message that is isn't, do you want it to be, answer NO> Apply> OK Reboot.

    Now try the links and they should come up in Firefox.

    Let me know.
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