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MPAA threatens to disconnect Google from the Internet

By Emil ยท 110 replies
Feb 8, 2011
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  1. "who share certain their content"? Really? I know you were excited to post on the internet, but maybe reign in your hateboner for the MPAA long enough to proof your work?
  2. chuckftw

    chuckftw TS Rookie

  3. best comment of the day!
  4. LOL yea. Maybe Google should just pull any MPAA affiliated entity from their results. YOU don't disconnect Google. Google disconnects YOU.

    "The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."
  5. If I have to choose between Google and RIAA/MPAA, I choose Google hands down.
    Now how do we go about disconnecting RIAA/MPAA from the Internet?
  6. doesnt google break even on its internet usage.. (if not make money on it) because it owns most of the dark fibre.

    what does the MPAA think... that google is going to shut google down? seeing as they are their own ISP
  7. *rofl* - what 're they up to? Pressing that big-red Mubarak switch and make google loose all its BGP-peerings world-wide? OMG. Stupid *****s! Can't stop laughing...
  8. Google IS an ISP. Googles PROFIT is nearly the size of all of Hollywoods combined REVENUE. the MPAA is saber rattling the wrong people.
  9. You mean sharing their expression. Content cannot be copyrighted; only expression can. If you're confused, ask any IP lawyer.
  10. aj_the_kidd

    aj_the_kidd TS Rookie Posts: 555

    Not sure how making yourself out to look completely fricking stupid with delusions of grandeur is a win. I guess it does give the impression that MPAA has the balls to go up against google but on the downside shows it lacks intelligence and common sense to think they can pull it off.
  11. Google can just bomb their **** and close the MPAA
    Or bribe them with the multi-trillions of money they have.
  12. Mpaa: Y u no stfu?
  13. Green Hornet looks like a small turd pile, but I am going to go bootleg it asap just because the MPAA don't want. And then I am going to mail three letters to MPAA members, each with a LIVING HUMAN TURD inside
  14. You best be trollin'
  15. I downloaded The Green Hornet already and gave it to a friend, Looks like a good movie.
  16. come on get real shutting down Google will be like shutting down half the world , looks to me is that someone else is ready to pounce on it as they realise it is a great money spinner , Leave Google alone we love it , cheers Cathy baker
  17. Good luck with that MPAA. It's like a Chihuahua barking at a Rottweiler. Please, MPAA, snap at Google.
  18. This is the absolute greatest idea I've read all day
  19. Google will swat the MPAA like the annoying little gnat it is. I hope this comes to fruition. I will enjoy it immensely. If we could only pit Google against Monsanto...
  20. Google will own MPAA and put them in their place. MPAA should not even try to go against google. Do they really think they are that powerful?

    Anyways if MPAA is that stupid then have fun and to google don't let them down easy ;).

    *checks my torrents statistics on my android phone*
  21. That would be great if google discounted them from half of the internet. They really think they can take on google it has youtube, its own ISP, Andriod, Google (search), Google Maps, Chrome, the list is endless...

    MPAA can't even take down thepiratebay how do they expect to take down google. I think google should show them there place :). Also to google buying out MPAA and shutting them down I would so pay to support that (not saying it would ever happen)
  22. If Google got shut down there'd be a crowd bigger than the one in Egypt surrounding MPAA headquarters.
  23. You cannot cut back google, you will regret this!!!!!!
  24. perhaps the mpaa should just go away in sharp jerky movements...
  25. Ha ha ha.. good one MPAA. A world without Google!

    I can't imagine what MPAA thinks about themselves. However this is bad even for a joke.. I'm from the other side of the planet and we don't give a sh** about MPAA, but we all love Google!

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