MSI K8N Neo - Memory ? - AGP ?

By mke
Jun 1, 2006
  1. Hi, i wanted to ask if anyone can help me find a memory module that will work with an MSI K8N Neo Platinum motherboard. I bought two weeks a 1Gb memory from ebay and though it works on my older system perfectly fine, my main system recognizes it as a 512Mb only.

    I've read somewhere that there are low density and high density modules. What is that, or better how can i distinguish between the two? any technical data i should be checking for my next buy? i am planning to get atleast 1 stick of 1gb for my main system but i dont know which one is right. any ideas?
    currently i use 2x512 infineon PC3200 memory, but i wanted to upgrade to either 1.5 or 2gb in total. any advice much appreciated.

    also i am planning to upgrade my agp card. its an old Ati 9000pro 128mb. i use mostly my system for music production and occasiaonlly a game or two. i know should be sepperate systems for that, but i cant afford that :) anyways. i was wondering if its worth investing in a quad support matrox graphics card (as i already use 2 monitors - one dvi and one standard), or a more sophisticated fast card like the newer ati/nvidia with 512mb ram and ddr2/3 mem on them.

    any advice again much appreciated. thanks
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