MSI K9A Platnum

By Ckennedy1944
Apr 30, 2007
  1. Has any body used the K9A Platnum MSI motherboard?
    its giving me some weird msg's on bootup.

    first it says of course press <tab> to post and <del> to enter bios.

    it then gives me another option to hit <shift F10> to configure boot options.. I dont understand that one, and it asks me that twice then goe's to boot and tells me I have no mouse pluged in to the PS/2 port. which I know cause its USB... Can I get rid of that?
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    sounds like you dont have a O.S being recognize, go into bios at start up, and go to boot priority, make sure you designate your cd drive for numer 1 if you havnt put a O. S on yet so that it reads the cd before trying to do anything else, OR if you already have a O.S installed, make sure you have the hard drive selected so it will read correctly.
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