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Multimedia audio controller

By demonkid ยท 155 replies
Sep 8, 2004
  1. my pc uses a VIA VT82335 controller, direct sound AC97 audio

    can anyone tell me how to fix the Multimedia audio controller? it keeps saying it doesn't have the needed hardware to install
  2. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 75

    Which audio drivers are you trying to install?
    Have you downloaded the latest ones from:

    Please provide the motherboard make and model.
  3. jhovenn

    jhovenn TS Rookie

    I have the same problem. I just reformatted to WinXP my other PC. When I checked my Media Player it says I don't have an audio hardware. I looked into the Device Manager and it has MultiMedia Audio Controller with an exclamation point. I tried to update the drivers but was unsuccessful. The other PC has no Internet connection yet.
  4. sandeep151

    sandeep151 TS Rookie

    iam sandeep and i also have the same problem ut i don't know what to do lease jhovenn help me
  5. Eddy Rassy

    Eddy Rassy TS Rookie Posts: 68

    my pc uses a VIA VT82335 controller, direct sound AC97 audio

    Are you sure you have VIA VT82335 or you have VIA VT8235.
    If it is 8235, then download the file via_audio_v390a from viaarena it has the driver you are looking for.
  6. Kittywitch

    Kittywitch TS Rookie

    Help with Sound

    Hello, my roommate did a system recovery without my permission and now I have no sound. Then my friend put WindowsXPpro Service Pack2 on my system and still no sound. Device Manager shows yellow question marks next to "other devices-multimedia audio controller". I have tried several times to install, uninstall, and download software and drivers, including a 2hour download last nite advised by the people at Compaq.....I have a Compaq Presario S4000NX....please advise if there is anything else I can do, I don't want to do another system receovery if possible.
  7. dopefisher

    dopefisher TS Rookie Posts: 436

    you could try uninstalling service pack 2, then undoing the restore that your roomate did.
  8. Eddy Rassy

    Eddy Rassy TS Rookie Posts: 68

    Try all of the following one by one and check each time:
    1- In device manager where you see the yellow question mark, DELETE the device, shut down and restart you computer and see if windows tell you that you have new hardware and let windows install it. You may need the drivers if windows does not find suitable drivers. you should have the drivers that came in with your hardware.

    2- Double click on the speakers icon at the bottom right hand corner of your screen and check to see if any of the sound controls is checked as mute.

    3- Go to system properties in the control panel, click on the system restore tab and see if it checked to be turned off and if it is remove the check mark and do system restore at least one day before your friend did his. Windows xp allows you to do system restore from several days before.
  9. Jokers Wild

    Jokers Wild TS Rookie

    I have the same problem. I also have a Compaq running XP that had a hard drive die. I replaced it and ran the restore disk. After that I also had no sound. Checked all the connections and they are good. If I go to the driver page for the AC'97 Audio Controller and click on rollback driver, it will successfully load the driver but only for a while. It seems that I have to do it atleast once a day. I have tried deleting the device and let windows detect it and load the driver and that doesn't change anything. I also have my system on automatic updates and when I click on the updates it will update everything but when it gets to the driver it fails. It doesn't matter if the driver is running at the time it always fails. If the driver is loaded and running and I have sound and I click on the updates, it will fail to update the audio driver and then I have no sound until I click roll back driver. It sure seems that people are having problems with this audio controller after they run a restore on their hard drive. Not sure what else to do other than go get a new sound card for my computer.

    I have figured out my problem. I'll let you know what I did to get it to work.
    I first got into the BIOS and check the audio settings and it was on automatic setting. I changed that to enabled. I then went to the driver page for the Audio device and clicked on troubleshoot. The driver I had was from Avance Logic and it was called Realtek AC'97 Audio for VIA Audio Controller. This time when I clicked on troubleshoot this device it went out to find a controller and returned with one that was different this time. It was Vinyl AC'97 Codec Combo Driver (WDM). This driver also had a revision date of 2/2005. It loaded the driver and I have gone almost a day without having to roll back the driver which is rare. I have done this procedure many times without any help and the only thing I did different this time was to select enabled instead of automatic setting for the audio in the BIOS. Hopefully that might help someone.
  10. Karan

    Karan TS Rookie

    Problem with sound

    I want to install my audio controller but that doesn't work. Everytime when I try to install Realtalk, it says "It is not digitally signed" I don't know what I should. Can anyone please help me.
  11. nickc

    nickc TechSpot Paladin Posts: 921   +11

    just say yes
  12. Sam.

    Sam. TS Rookie

    i was going through my add/remove programs. So i saw something i didn't really recognize and i got rid of it didn't look important, called soundmax something. so then i reseted the computer for all the changes to take place and when the computer finished rebooting it said "new hardware found" "If an installation CD came with thise hardware please insert it now." but i didnt have one, because this hardware/driver thing was already installed in the computer when i bought it. They didnt give me any CD. Ok so then since i didnt have a CD i just clicked next, then it gave me to choices "custom install" and "automatic install (recommended)". So i clicked auto, then it started searching for the "Multimedia Audio Controller software". it couldnt find it. Under sound/video, etc.it shows several audio components including Audio Codecs, Legacy Audio Drivers, WDM TVAudio, all listed as working properly. But the Multimedia Audio Controller has an exclamation sign beside it. Can anyone PLEASE HELP ME? thank you ! :( :( :( :(
  13. Eddy Rassy

    Eddy Rassy TS Rookie Posts: 68

    Try system restore from the day before you removed your program. That might help you to bring back the driver.
  14. dave the rave

    dave the rave TS Rookie

    if you use on board sound from your mobo you need to reinstall the drivers that came with your motherboard installation disc ie sound drivers and you should then have sound again or if you use an installed sound card on start up enter bios setup and disable on board sound exit and save changes this will then stop windows serching for drivers for multimedia audio cntroller this should solve your prob

    look down page to dave the rave

    look down page
  15. Oplzhelp

    Oplzhelp TS Rookie

    Look I have the same problem.....THere is no sound coming from my computer, but video works.My computer is saying i have no audio device and everything in device manger is good except for the multimedia audio controller which has a question mark. I don't have any cds everything came with the computer. I don't know much about computer technically so I need help. So can anyone please tell me what I need to know to fix the problem and how to find out what I need to know. PLZZZZ
  16. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,323   +591

    What is your computer or motherboard? Make and model. Generally, you have to go to either the PC maker or the motherboard manufacturer to get the driver for the onboard sound.
  17. Oplzhelp

    Oplzhelp TS Rookie

    How do I find out the manufacturer of my motherboard?
  18. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,323   +591

    You can search for and download the free utility program CPU-Z. It is a stand alone program that doesn't need to be installed. You just unzip it and double click on the cpuz.exe file. It should tell you the make and model of your motherboard. While you can use this for any PC, you usually want to use it if you have a custom built PC because there is no major PC maker site (Dell, HP, Gateway, etc.) to go to.
  19. Oplzhelp

    Oplzhelp TS Rookie

    Ok I downloaded the CPu-Z.....and for the motherboard it has no manufacturer but for mother board this is what it shows....

    Model: SiS-741
    Southbridge:SiS...LPC Bridge
    Sensor: ITE...IT8705

    Rev. 03
  20. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,323   +591

    Click this link: http://www.sis.com/download/

    Look down the page to Top Downloads and see the SIS Audio driver. Try to download that one and see if it works.
  21. dave the rave

    dave the rave TS Rookie

    :cool: hi you should look in device manager under sound video and game controllers to see if you have a sound card installed in one of your pci slots if so you should have an installation disc to install all drivers but i think your sound comes from your motherboard if thats the case go to your sis mobo site and dowmload and install audio device drivers and restart your pc will install all the correct drivers and your done or go to www.realtek.com and download ac.97 audio codec for windows xp or what ever system your using and install. this is what i use for my own mobo just a note here if you do have a sound card and mobo sound is turned on in the bios setup the device drivers will conflict if this is the case reboot your pc press del on mine anyway your pc will have a blue screen no mouse control here use arrow keys esc & return find audio devce and disable save your chages and exit windows will now restart only do this if you dont want your mobo to be your source of sound other wise you must install sound card drivers rember it should be one or the other for your pc to understand which drivers to use on startup hope this helps dave the rave
  22. Oplzhelp

    Oplzhelp TS Rookie

    Thanx guys imma try the downlaod and tell you if it works

    hey man i got to thank yall my souund is working again so thanx everyone for helpin me thru it...and dave thanx for the realtek site

    Oh yea and i fixed the problem by goin to realtek and and downloadin the ac.97 audio codec
  23. gillosue

    gillosue TS Rookie

    Hi my name is Suzanne, I've having the same problem with my PC, no sound at all. I've tried to download from realtek but I could'nt find the software ac.97 audio codec... at lease not free, could someone help me solving my problem. I just don't know what to do - no sound on my PC - I think I've deleted something I was'nt suppose to
  24. Eddy Rassy

    Eddy Rassy TS Rookie Posts: 68

    You may be able to recall the driver if you accidentally deleted something. try these steps:
    1. right click on the "My computer" icon on the desktop
    2. click on properties
    3. click on hardware
    4. click on device manager
    5. scroll down on the list that comes up under device manager to the "sound, video and game controller tab",click it to open up then double click on the codec driver ( it may be called something else, such as vinyl AC97 codec combo driver or something else...)
    6. a new window will open and one of the tabs in that window is "driver" click on it and you will get several option such as driver details, update driver, roll back driver.
    If you are connected to the Internet you will be able to update the driver with no problems
    Try it. Good luck
  25. xgammon

    xgammon TS Rookie

    Firstly, specs:

    Windows XP Professional Platform
    ASUS P4P800S-X
    Integrated Soundmax Audio (currently the issue)
    who cares about the memory, or hard disk etc ...

    My problem is as everyone else has, Multimedia Audio Controller wont correctly install the driver. I've installed from disk, downloaded from ASUS ...


    Tried every which way from roll backs to reinstall. No luck!

    So I just have to disable it for the time being and drop in a pci sound card for the time being. Yes I did just try to download the audio driver today again.

    If anyone has any alternatives I would gladly try them. I have installed the other drivers, inf, LAN, etc ... but have not flash the BIOS ... I don't see it necessary. I have the work around if thats all I can do for now.

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