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Multiple Symtons / No Viruses

By Mack
Apr 18, 2005
  1. My PC is exhibiying several odd behaviors. First I will preface the situation before I list some of them.

    A few recent changes:

    1.) Switched to wireless network ( I know, I know)
    2.) Anti-Virus Subscription ran out 2 days ago
    3.) slight possible surge from previous outlet.


    1.) Cant reply to email : not enough memory
    2.) cannot cut n paste
    3.) cannot use "open in new window" option
    4.) No programs listed in the Control Panel>>Remove Programs
    5.) No Printers in Print Folder.
    6.) Other program and various system errors periodically.


    I ran a virus scan and nothing, so now I am thinking hardware. An electrician was here today and found that the receptacle my computer was in previously was Arcing. However, none of the above problems occured until I moved the PC and installed the wireless PC card...and not all at once..it as been more or less progressive.

    So did I fry this puppy? Could I have missed a virus? Does this sound typical of known problems?

    Any help much appreciated?

    Mack :)
  2. Anonymous Danny

    Anonymous Danny TS Rookie Posts: 33

    I really don't think it would be a virus, especially since ur subscription ended not so long ago. The wirless internet though may be causing the problems, especially if it is an external card that u added. it might have a compatibility error with ur processor that screws other hardware up. If it says ur running out of memory, check ur task manager and look at the processes running. Look for really big memory munchers or others that are unfamiliar to u. its possible u'll find a process required for the wireless card to run that's taking a huge chunk of memory. try running ur computer with internet off and the card unplugged or switched off. If the problem still occurs then i guess u can uninstall it and see if that fixes the problem. if nothing like that seems to be fixing the problem, u probably BBQed that CPU.
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