Must Have VR Games: Fun and Immersive Experiences


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I typically will play DCS world with my Oculus Quest 2 headset, but the game itself isn't designed for that headset nd manipulating smaller switches isn't easy.

SUPER HOT is an amazing experience with the VR headset.

A lot of the basic games on Quest 2 are actually quite awesome, but definitely: Alyx is at the top of the list.


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If anyone is unsure about VR, get an Oculus Quest 2 you won't regret it, there's plenty of content and you have the option to hook it up to your PC via USB or WiFi to play PCVR games like Half Life Alyx which is one of the best VR experiences.

I've got about 4 games on this list but others I'd mention are Moss, In Death, Lies Beneath.

VR gaming is way more immersive than traditional Gaming. Quest 2 has given the opportunity to make it mainstream.


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Skyrim VR is a tremendous VR title... But only on PC after applying a couple dozens of mods. In its vanilla state it is just bad (though not as bad as Fallout 4 VR, which is abysmal). I mean it's still Skyrim with all its ups and downs, but the VR-specific elements are rather flimsy and barebones, resulting in a poor experience. The mods solve all that and add some amazing VR features.


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Tesla to sue Epic Games and Oculus about "Robo Recall"...

"Was the title of your game aimed at us? We didn't even release the damn Bot and you're already making a VR release about recalling bots. A coincidence? We don't think so."


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Super Hot, Star Wars Squadrons, Alyx are definitely worth the price of a Quest 2 on their own (assuming you already have a good enough GPU in your PC to handle VR). I'm currently on a i7-10750 laptop with a 2070Q GPU in it, and all those titles play nicely even on this laptop. (My gpu died on my desktop, and at the worst possible time of the Pandemic/chipshortage/GPU price explosion, my desktop has been collecting dust for some time now.....). Some of the games on Quest 2 that don't require a PC are stellar as well!