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Nov 27, 2007
  1. Cinders

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    EVGA and XFX are good brands. You really want to pick a video card based on brand reputation, warranty, GPU and memory speed. Higher and longer is almost always better. I have two video cards from EVGA and haven't had a problem with either yet.
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  3. Sharkfood

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    On Memtest86+ yes, it will list errors on the bottom half of the screen in red. These will be where it encounters problems performing many kinds of cpu -> memory operations.

    You make the bootable CD, and then once you have all your BIOS settings saved, boot off this CD instead of the OS cd so as you can perform an initial stability test. This will test your memory, cpu, cache and mainboard to ensure it can beat up your system without encountering any errors. If you should encounter errors, this can alert you to something being a bit too tight in the BIOS or a power/cooling problem. This saves time since you can usually get the OS, patches and drivers installed before finding many errors that Memtest86+ will find much quicker. You may spend 3-4 hours getting your OS setup + drivers, then encounter random/periodic Windows errors or get blue-screens a few days later trying to play games or heavy system use. Memtest86+ thoroughly abuses your system and verifies the results so as it can identify BIOS, cooling, power or flakey hardware issues much faster.

    Corsair and Crucial memories are both good brands. You should be okay with the Corsair memory. I'd also recommend you flash the BIOS with the latest from Gigabyte's website if it doesnt ship with the latest BIOS installed already.

    As far as buying hardware in stages vs. all at once, this will rely on your chosen vendor's return policy. Bad hardware happens- sometimes you can get hardware that is DOA or flakey and requires a return. Some components have limits on when they can be returned (like 15-day or 30-day), so as long as you have enough time to test/ensure stability within the return period, you should be fine if you buy components over time. It's always best to get everything at once, then you don't have to deal with return limits should you get a bad piece of hardware.
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    thanks for the there a special way to make a bootable CD, such as a program to use? Or do I just burn the file to a blank cd?
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    You just need to download the memtest86 .ISO file, which is actually a CD image that needs to be burned onto a CD. If you use Nero, there's an option in there called Burn image to disc or something similar. I mainly use Alcohol 120% to make and burn CD images. It makes a perfect 1:1 copy of any CD\DVD and in different formats too, besides allowing you to burn them as well. Try it out.
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    my nero has a 'bootable disc' option..that would work too right? thanks!
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    is memtest86 suppose to work on built PC and works only on the post boot?
  8. captaincranky

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    Well.... No.....

    The Memtest86 file is an .iso image. Go to Nero Express and choose, "burn image or previously saved project".
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    Thanks..i used the alochol 100% trial verison..thanks!!!
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