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my Acer TravelMate 4603WLCi died. power supply failure?

By dhaninugraha
Oct 7, 2005
  1. a few hours ago, my mom brought home a brand new Acer Travelmate 4603WLCi laptop. after connecting the AC adaptor to the laptop, I turned the thing on. it worked just fine, and the Acer ePower Management software showed 33% battery power and still charging.

    I was playing Solitaire back then, only for like 20-30 minutes, when suddenly the laptop just died. plain died. without shutdown.

    so I turned it back on, and it went back on. only for like a few seconds after the Windows XP splash screen showed up, it died again. this time, I can't turn the thing on again.

    I checked the adaptor cable that connected to the laptop, it's plugged firmly. however, the 'battery charge' lamp did not lit. I disconnected the adaptor cable, tried to turn on the laptop, it didn't work. I tried removing the battery, re-installing it, then tried turning it on again, also didn't work.

    so I re-plugged the laptop to the adaptor, and thought that it'd charge up. but after 3 long hours of (useless) waiting, it's still not showing any signs of life.

    I assume that this is a power adaptor failure, because when you connect the adaptor to the laptop, the 'battery charge' light is supposed to lit and you should be able to power-on the laptop. but hey, if the adaptor fails, aren't I supposed to be able to power-on the laptop by just the battery?

    well, that's all I can tell for now.
    thanks in advance for any advice(s) given.

  2. franziskaner12

    franziskaner12 TS Rookie

    Acer Travelmate 4603WLCi laptop shut down

    Hi Dhaninugraha:

    The situation you described back then, now looks quite familiar to me.

    The same happened to me last night. My Acer Laptop just died, just as you described. I did all the things which are common things to try to make it back working again...NOTHING !

    How did you back then solve the problem. Did you find out what the failure was?

    I would really appreciate any help you can provide.


  3. dhaninugraha

    dhaninugraha TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi there franziska,

    the day after my laptop died, I brought it to the authorized Acer Service Centre, where they REPLACED my laptop with a BRAND NEW unit, at NO COST at all! when I asked what the problem is, they just told me 'dead-on-arrival', and... I'm just happy with the new unit, which works fine up until now... :)

    I personally suggest that you bring your to the service center too, especially if the warranty's still valid...

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