My Burner is acting retarded

By Tryin...
Jun 1, 2008
  1. Ok, So basically it crashes at about 17% or SO EVERYTIME.I went to get new CD-Rs to see if that was the case,it wasn't.

    Heres Specs: DVD RW DW-D22A

    Any help appreciated as always.

    PS:Any firmware updates?If so that would be great.
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    What is the brand and model on the sticker on the Drive ? Or what into what computer brand and model is it installed?
    DVD-RW drives are very fragile, with early burnout if used often.
    But some are just bad. The laser is just enough out of alignment, or the drive belt is worn or slick or too hot. It doesn't take make. They also age badly, so if your is older, that could be the problem.
    There is no fix except to buy another one.
    Luckily they are very inexpensive. Consider Plextor or Yamaha for the better, more expensive ones. But LiteOn, LG, Pioneer, and Samsung are as reliable as any. Less reliable are Sony, Sony NEC, HP, HLDS, ACER, ASUS, LaCie, Rosewill, ...
    You can get good ones at Wal-Mart for $34 or online for $24.
    When you replace it, take the old one apart from the screws on the bottom, and see how they are built.
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