my computer not working

By aznskater51
Jan 8, 2006
  1. My computer was working fine and i ordered a new proccessor for it and when i placed it to my mobo it did not work later finding out it was fried so i refunded that proccessor. so obviously i put back in the proccessor that originally came with the computer and the screen would go blank and it freaked me out cuz it just perfectly worked b4 i put in the new fried proccessor. Now its a little weird, when i plug in the power cord the computer would start on its self without me pushing the power button and screen would be blank. But i hear the hard drive and cd-drive starting up as well as the fans. i tried resetting cmos but no luck. what can i do?
  2. Samstoned

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    I say if you can't afford to keep cooking cpu's take it to a systems builder.
    if you like the high life
    buy another processor and try again
    post here step by step what you are doing and what it is your doing it with.
  3. gilloz

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    Computer not working

    With all due respect to your knowledge of computers, did you verify all the precautions in installing a CPU like verifying no bent pins, properly seated in the socket, heat transfer material on the cpu, heatsink properly installed and if the fan was functioning properly? All you said is that it was fried. It begs the question, Why was it fried? You could have taken some motherboard components along with it. I don't know, but did you didn't comment or verify that what you did was correct in the installation process. Seems like you need a new motherboard if your old processor won't work either. Good Luck!
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