Overclocking My CPU fan is making noises at regular intervals

My CPU fan is making noises at regular intervals. I checked with Speedfan and when the fan was making noise, it was spinning at 6000 rpm instead of normal 3400 rpm.
Even while using Internet Explorer, it is making noises and the temperatures from speedfan are in this image.


My PC configuration:-
AMD Phenom X2 550
Mobo - Asus M4N68T-M
XFX Nvidia 9600GT

Help me guys! This noise is forcing me to jump out of the window coz I can't throw my PC! Mom would kill me for that :p
Thanks in advance :)


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hi theparanoid04 :
go to bios then go to H\W monitor and enable cpu smart fan target and set it to 50c.


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theparanoid04, I noticed that your mobo has an AMD Cool'n'Quiet option in the BIOS, try turning it on and tell us what happens.


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Theparanoid04 Should benefit alot when AMD Cool'n'Quiet is enabled ,because when I enable it I can't hear my fan sound at all


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Techspot took it's time to approve my question and I figured out the solution by the time :)
I re-installed my OS thinking it would help. Indirectly it helped. I was installing the drives and I came across this software on my mobo CD. 'EPU-4 Engine' it was. All I had to do was just select 'Max power saving' and it worked! No noise after that.

If I wouldn't have figured it out by myself, 'SKYSTAR'... your trick would have worked. AMD Overdrive. So thanks for that :)

After setting it to 'Max power saving' there was one thing I noticed. Now my SpeedFan shows fan speeds as follows...

Speed01 - 42%
Speed02 - 42%
Speed03 - 21%

So basically EPU-4 engine lowered my fan's rpm. Will it have any adverse effects on my PC coz the temperatures are normal. But still I'm worried :(


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have you tried this, go to bios then go to H\W monitor and enable cpu smart fan target and set it to 50c, this also will help you a lot , Good luck bro