my laptop and pc to connect to network hub(lan games)

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Sep 16, 2007
  1. hmm i got a laptop and computer both can share internet thru my router both laptop and comp has a configuration of obtain ip address automatically... and mah friends got a hub and made a small network to play lan games(warcraft ...etc) how can i connect to the network they made... is it possible that i will connect my laptop/Computer ----> Router---->HUB(NETWORK GAMES) to play lan games? i think to connect to that network i need to disable the obtain ip address automatically ayt? coz in order to successful to connect to hub i need to specify ip address for the two ayt? so please some one help me,,, sori for mah english,,,
  2. tipstir

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    LAN gaming is easy...

    Do you want to connect to their network or do you want to create LAN network in your place?
  3. irumi

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    yup i want to connect to their network ,,, coz im not sure if i can connect directly from my router..
  4. irumi

    irumi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    can i connect to their network hub directly from my router?.. my computer and laptop with router then i will put an utp cable to another wan socket of my router and will connect to the network hub of my friends... COMPUTER/LAPTOP---->ROUTER-----UTP-----> HUB?
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    If you're playing the same game you need to know their IP address and they have to set you up in their router so you can go in. You'll need to know any username or passwords to get into their network. The games you play should have a feature for doing that. But again they need have your IP and MAC address would be good for security on their side. On you router you need to open up remote access if you have a game mode turn that on. Get their IP and MAC address too. The MAC address is your NIC (network interface card) ID number. You can find that info in XP the number looks like 00:00:00:00:00.

    You can take your laptop over to your friends house and if they have setup your MAC and IP right you should be able to play the game you want with them.
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