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My Life - Poem

By mephisto_007
May 15, 2005
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  1. Mother gave me birth to a curse child like
    On the 6 of Aug 1984 worst than Chris
    Born natural in KC with no hospital at dawn
    Memorize my life in the vein of moment
    I won’t comply getting high surprise by
    My misery life - even I ain’t recognize
    Undertake put off to compose new existence
    Even most you strive result disappointment
    Parents’ conflict split children in portion
    By the time I’ve grown up why wasn’t I abortion?
    Family adversary – enemy lingerin
    Each day pass I cry - but we only children
    How we survive if there ain’t protection
    Commitment abandon I can’t comprehend
    Nothing you see will encourage the bee
    Basically agony and only you trend to perceive
    It 1988 the day we came from the dead
    Bullet shot grenade fired on top our head
    Wait observe I was stunned I couldn’t move
    Mum shift me out almost fall off the stool
    We do nothing but hide in the garbage pool
    We keep prayin hope it not the end of this soon
    Vicious act they attack, pol pot rebellion cannon
    I cried out but ain’t scared prepare for the hunt
    Yet it ain’t done threat recollect the fact I wasn’t fib
    Brutality - enemy seeing through our eyes
    Even so I’m not old enough to reply
    It’s 1990 we move to PP Capital City
    We starting a new life try forget those memories
    I’ve start school and that the only thing we do
    Trying my best - to pass the test - and take a rest?
    I guess that not correct - I can’t confess
    My soul you know - I know sometime it hurt
    Just to think about it simply giving the turf
    It burst off I want to get out off and choose
    A new world to begin but it seem I’m stuck
    I couldn’t get up - it completely **** up
    My brother you know - sisters you too - I ain’t blaming you
    It wasn’t my intention thing I’ve done – it won’t undo
    Though I can prove what I wants is totally true
    Mum and Dad I ain’t mad disrespecting you
    Maybe it faith - like you said
    You don’t need to try cuz you its fate
    The outcome not the same but it claimed
    I am in shame - cuz I’m not a good teen
    I cause people mad however I hate it
    I mean people glade but they’re objected
    I feel so alone ain’t nothin there to bone
    Over the fight I cannot decide
    I can’t defy stress it pressurize
    I couldn’t be what I want so I cheat
    I’ve defeated myself so I lost in the grid
    It 1997 we’re 3 gone oversea
    It appear to be good recognition for the family
    By the time we were there emerge the agony
    What shall I do but I’m only thirteen
    My dream was expire I couldn’t hide any more
    All desire in my life arrive frankly in stalled​

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