My PC freezes and makes buzzing sound in game or when watching HD movies

By nalfein
Aug 24, 2014
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  1. Hi guys

    I have a problem with my hp dv7 with amd a8 3500m and more specs there :

    I know there is others post who are like mine but I already checked most post in the intrenet about freezing in game ...

    Sometime when I make medium to heavy use of the gpu (gaming and watching blueray movies) my computer will froze and start buzzing ( the noise come from the speaker of the computer or my monster speaker if they are plugged in )

    When it do that im forced to force restart ctr alt del is not working (a interesting fact is then if I ctr alt del at the sec of the crash occur I switch tab and or backround the game /movie I will be fine until I click on it)

    I uninstalled/ installed latest and or beta driver, formated my ssd where my os is and reinstalled windows 7 and still the same crash

    (installed today my dad's windows 8 and gained a couple fps but it still crashing )

    I cleaned my fan checked heat (its fine) and run prime 95 2 hour and memtest 2 hour too

    Interesting facts :

    -if I ctr alt del at the sec of the crash occur I switch tab and or backround the game /movie I will be fine until I click on it.

    - the crash usally occur in the first hour of gaming/watching movies but not always and can occur multiple time with all games and movies but after 2 or 3 crash im usually fine for a while or the day
    -the buzzing sound came from what im listening right before the crash)
    - I already had bsod instead but the only one I remmember is driver irql not less or equal. dont know if its interesting...
    -on windows 8 my pc has restarted by iteself )

    I know its a long post but I tried everything I was able to do and if someone is able to solve the problem I will be verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry happy :)

    by the way there is a bsod section in my specs sheet so if someone understand ...

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  2. Spykezxp

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    Are you overclocking the CPU or GPU? Example would be using the AMD Catalyst software (under AMD Overdrive) and increasing clock settings? Maybe played with the BIOS settings and overclocked the CPU? It sounds like you are putting too much stress on the GPU portion of your AMD A8 3500M chip, and it may just be heating up too much. If you haven't yet tried, install CPUID HWMonitor to check on the temps as your gaming or watching movies to see how high the temps get.
  3. nalfein

    nalfein TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes I already tried to overclock my apu with amd overdrive( about 400 mhz ) and I gained somes fps but after I just uninstalled the software after and my cpu returned to stock 1.5 gh... about the temperature I will re-monitor but usually the maximun is 75/76 degrees.

    And about the bios ... The only option I have is emulation (vm machines)

    Finally thanx for the help !
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