PC freezes after few minutes of use but not when gaming or in a call

My pc freezes when im not playing a game or in a call, (freezing times vary so im doing this in a note pad and saving it)

I built my pc 4 months ago, it froze but it was a tempeture problem (so im discarding problems with my video card, NVDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti).

I changed the air cooler and eveything was fine, but one day my kingston 120gb ssd died so I changed it for a ADATA SU630 256gb, I always play on it so I didint notice a problem until I started programing, all drivers are up to date but it keeps freezing

When im in a call in discord using the web browser it doesnt freeze, but when I quit the call and start using any web browser or programing app it just crashes. How do I fix this?


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When you build a system out of new or used parts it is important to test as you go. The experienced builders put the memory in ...the CPU and hoop up the bare motherboard and run stability tests before they even start installing Windows. I am would start with Memtest from Passmark and do 4 passes. See if there are any red errors.