My PC keeps shutting down

By leoel
Dec 30, 2010
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  1. pls help to solve this problem. (sorry for MY english)
    I was shutting down my computer when
    i accidently removet the power cable. And when i tried to turn on my pc after the "windows xp loading sceen" it automaticly shut down. What can i do to fix it. Help me pls.
  2. Inforanop

    Inforanop TS Rookie

    That was the worst thing you could do to a computer :dead:

    However,you could try "last known good configuration" in the advanced boot menu.See how here Probably won`t work.
    You could boot to your Windows CD/DVD and try a few of the system recovery options.Chkdsk would be a good one.See here
    Failing that,a repair install here

    Sometimes,if you`re very lucky it will start after a dozen attempts and miraculously fix itself.

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