My PC won't let me install any antivirus

By juanc6 · 6 replies
Nov 21, 2009
  1. Hello everyone. Well, a couple of days ago I've been trying to fix apparently a "missing sound problem" on my computer. I did many things before contacting experts on the Audio & Video forum, they told me some other things to do to try to solve the problem, in those things were getting a malware program to scan my computer. I tried downloading many different programs, such as antivirus and malware programs but my computer won't let me install any of those. I hope anybody can help me out on this problem because as of right now I can't afford it to take it to "Geek" experts and I wouldn't like to format computer because I have some important information, but I'll leave this last option as an extreme emergency. Thanks.

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  3. juanc6

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    If I backup data from my computer, that means I will have to format my computer, correct?
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    I recommend "backup" whilst you can (if you can)
    Only because during any malware removal Windows may end up requiring a repair
    And then you may even say, well if you are repairing may as well go clean install
    So to jump ahead, I mentioned both backup and clean install of which is sometimes quicker ;)
  5. juanc6

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    I tried backing up my data but I couldn't, don't know why. So what I'm planning on doing is put all kind of information I want to save on CD's/DVD's and then I'll just make a system recovery, which my computer would let me do. If I do a system recovery, do I require Windows XP CD? If not, is there anything in particular I do require? Thanks.

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    This sticky will help backup any data that you cannot do normally in Windows: How to recover your folders/files when Windows won’t boot

    I think "System Recovery" relates to an image of Windows Setup files already on your computer, this "image" is provided by your OEM Manufacturer as a full restore of Windows; Drives and Applications
    Therefore you will not need your Windows Setup CD
  7. juanc6

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    I give up. I tried the "How to recover your folders/files when Windows won’t boot", but no solution. As mentioned before, I'm going to make some data CD's/DVD's and save all the things I need and once I'm done with that I will be doing the System Recovery once and for all. Thank you very much for your help.

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