My router is iterfearing with MSN messanger 6.2 please help me

By John Kerry
Jan 7, 2005
  1. ok I have a linksys 11 mbps router which i use for XBC (but that is beside the point) anyways i seem to not be able to make an audio connection with another person on msn. Now if there is a way to rectify this please tell me how OR if i need to buy a new router please give me a suggestion on which brand will not interfear with MSN messanger 6.2.

    Thanks in advance
  2. mcjoe

    mcjoe TS Rookie

    better idea

    Hey. MY reletive has a linsksys router and has the same problem. I wouldnt suggest you buy a new modem - as linksys are great, but try using skype - you can download it at It works with all the routers, its easy to sign up, no adware, annd its better quilaty than msn. Give it a try! also ----
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