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My screen is freezing randomly all of a sudden

By Soldydawg
Jul 20, 2005
  1. During the past few weeks, my computer screen freezes up for an unknown reason. I have Windows XP, and have downloaded the SP2 a long time ago. It freezes whenever it feels like really. It's never when im doing something in particular. I can walk away, and come back and cant do anything bc it froze up. So i have to manually turn off the computer on the tower (which i hate) and it never fixes the problem bc it freezes again within 3 hour (sometimes within minutes). I have also been getting warnings randomly about my Win32 closing, and I follow the warning through and it takes me to a MS website sayin they know of this problem, and it doesnt hurt anything.

    I just want to know what I can do to fix this freezing problem. I have a spyware package and anti-virus package too and they dont pick anything up. I've read on other posts from people with somewhat similar problems, and they're told to Ctrl Alt Delete and use Task Manager to end programs, but I cannot do that since im completely frozen up on the screen (And my Delete button no longer works on my keyboard<--awesome i know)

    Is that any solution to this problem??? Or what may be causing it?!
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