My Sound no longer works

By apocalypse3118
Oct 13, 2008
  1. Well, a couple of days ago I found many trojans, spyware items on my pc, so I downloaded Spyware Doctor and a few other spyware programs, after a while I got "what I believe to be all the trojans etc off my pc" I later noticed that my sound did not work and sound symbol did not appear in the lower corner of my screen, I have looked up any and everything I could find on this and nothing seems to work, when I go to my Device manager nothing shows up at all just a blank white screen. I have tried downloading the drivers from the official website and that does not work either, also when I click on add hardware icon nothing happens at all there either. Im lost and dont know what to do

    I have Realtek AC97

    my pc is a Gateway
    dual core 64 bit proc

    dont know a ton about pc's but enough to understand a little above average
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