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By times
Sep 17, 2007
  1. check my laptop for any problems,like with the registry or any missing files i need for my pc to work normally.

    i did a reinstall and now when i click on stuff it lags for a sec,sometime 5 or 6 seconds. and my vista score thingy went down a point lol.

    does vista come with such a program.i only had this new notebook for a week.its got 2gbs of ram so it shouldnt lag when i start a program or shut down a window in explorer.
  2. Cinders

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    So you surf the web with your new kitten and you still want her to purr? You might download, install and update Spybot Search & Destroy at www.safer-networking.org. and then do a malware scan. I'm sure there'll be a mod by here in just a few minutes who'll tell you to download and install HijackThis at http://www.merijn.org/ and then attach a copy of the report to your next post as an attachment. Why did you reinstall a week old laptop? You really need to add more information for people to help you.
  3. Samstoned

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    best to check laptop manufacturers website for updated drivers
    vista may not have the drivers it needs to make run right
    did you reformat on install
  4. times

    times TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the responses. i was doing a graphics update. i uninstalled the original and tried to install the new ones,but vista wouldnt let me. after tryn bout three times i gave up and tire a system restore,but i didnt make a point to restore,since its only less than a week old.

    it is workn okay now.except my moust blink every second and when that happens the hdd blinks. anyway. after i did a bios check for the hdd,it says to replace it,so i called hp and they will replace it or give me a new laptop.

    i just cant believe the hdd is messed up by doing a reinstall,although i did that twice and one time it did shut down during the process lol. my xp desktop has been threw way worse then this and ive never had this type of problem. anyway my problem is solved.
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