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Need a Boot Disk That Will Allow Me to Transfer Files

By luciachan
Mar 14, 2009
  1. I've been trying to get my brother's computer working after a nasty malware attack (Zango and others) now it seems his whole OS is corrupted this is the second time this has happened I told him to back up his files but of course he didn't now I can not access the files on the computer. I have Hirens boot cd but it is not recognizing the C drive so I can not pull the files off through there and I have active@ boot disk but only the demo I can view the files but 95% are over the size limitation to transfer through the demo. I'm ready to tell my brother too bad you're losing it all this time but I know I was able to transfer files before and I'm quite sure it was through Hiren's boot cd but I can not remember how, any suggestions or other software I can use? it's mostly jpegs I need to transfer
    thanks in advance
    btw the computer is running windows XP MCE
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