Need a little help with my computer really have no clue with what is wrong.

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Feb 8, 2008
  1. Hey guys new to the forum but was really hoping i could get some assistance.

    My computer seemingly doesnt want to work i turn it on and it doesnt load anytihng it goes to the loading page for XP and then it says somethign about windows socket connection not connecting something of that sort nad also is just turns off autmatically it gives me a minute says its beign shut down by DCOM something.
    Also nothing works internet nothing cant open anything none of hte icons load up. I am assuming a Virus of some sort but i was jsut wondering will this require me to replace my hard drive as my computer is fairly new however i was wondering what needs to be done to get ti repaired and how much it may cost.

  2. matt1522

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    Pc problems

    Can you boot to safe mode

    If so I would try to run your virus scanner and then go to
    these instructions are really good but you have to follow them step by step exactly as they are typed.

    If it is a virus or trojan and you do finical stuff on your computer then you should disconnect fron the internet and consider changing some bank information

    As far as your hard drive I dont think it will be damaged if it is a virius (unless the hard drive is the reason for the problem I would also run chdsk but rule out the virus first.)

    The final option is formatting the drive nobody likes to do this because it can be time consuming to reinstall everything but it can also be the safest thing to do incase of a virus.

    Formatting can be a bit extreme so you should read everything on this page to help you decide

    These instructions were posted by Julio
    they are not my own but I did use the first link to find any viriuses on my computer and as far as I know they worked
  3. dave15

    dave15 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well when i boot in safe mode i cnat really use anything. I cnat connect to the interenet cannot run any programs and hten a window pops up syaign ti is being automatically shut down in 60 seconds.

    Also at the starting when the XP loading page comes up a pop up always comes up says sometihng and asks em to clickk ok to Debug and cancel to do nothing ( or sometihng of that sort) then when i ever i click that .. the automatically shutting down sign pops up nad it gives em a 1 minute.
  4. matt1522

    matt1522 TS Rookie Posts: 81

    when was the last time the computer operated normally

    and what if anything did you download
  5. matt1522

    matt1522 TS Rookie Posts: 81

    What are the specs on your computer you dont say how new the computer is what O.S are you running
  6. Samstoned

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    He's running XP pro or home I don't know at this point if a virus I would do a fresh install
    I don't care what anyone says even if you think you got it all there can be a bug just waiting for your info to steal
    you have legal version of XP and no disc spend the coupl'a bucs buy the disc
    have disc re-install

    god luck
  7. matt1522

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    My fault I wasn't paying attention ok so if you want to see if a repair will fix the problem boot to the XP cd (makesure that you have the cd key handy go to the second repair screen and this will reinstall xp without removing all of your programs but watch I have had the problem that I end up loosing some applications) if this doesnt sound like a good Idea then read this

    Make sure that you are not having any hardware problems either.

    after reading the posted if it sounds like you have to reinstall then boot to safe mode to try to salvage any files. put them on a thumb drive then when the new Os is installed first get a good Anti virus (I use AVG free) scan the "saved" files if they Are infected then you probably shouldnt put them on the new install it might defeat the purpose

    And I would like to see the specs on your computer
    and though you cant access the internet through this computer you can download the files from the

    board and follow the directions just transfer the files via flash drive but like I said in the previous post follow the directions and Julio is the one who posted that information
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