Need help with no internet problem


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I had left my computer on for the last 3 days as it was doing some backup work to my NAS. I decided to restart it this morning and after I did, the internet came on but then went off. I tried doing troubleshooting, but that didn't fix anything. I then went to device manager to uninstall the network adapter but it just kept uninstalling. It wouldn't stop. It tried to uninstall for over 15 minutes. The green bar just kept moving but nothing is happened.

I then restarted the computer, and when it came back on, the internet worked for a couple of minutes and then it just went off on this computer. There is network and internet everywhere else just not on my computer.

When I did a troubleshoot again the ethernet adapter became disabled and I could not enable it. I had to do a restart and the same thing happened. The internet came on, but after a couple of minutes it went off and nothing I did could fix it.

I am trying to uninstall the driver again, but it is doing the same thing. It just keeps running.

What do I need to try? I've never had anything like this happen before, so I'm kind of lost on what else I need to try.


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It's so hard when I don't have my hands on the computer but I do have a sneaky feeling you are dealing with hard drive failure (hence the reason it won't finish simple tasks like uninstalling the network adapter).

I suggest you pop the Task Manager open and give it some time to show how busy the "Disk" is. When the disk is 100% busy, it can take several minutes for a computer to show that fact and you will see a red color indicating that.

The only thing you can do under those conditions is to wait it out. Hopefully, the drive works through the bad region that is making it so super busy or sometimes it's Windows Update installing a large update and it brings the system to its knees.

Is this Windows 10? Does it use the older spinning hard drive technology?


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No hard drive failure. After a lot of trial and error just a bad nic card driver, but a nic card that has had issues in the past I guess. I got it solved and all is running great. I will be getting a new add on nic card soon, just because of the things I've found out about the card.


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Yeah, it worked for awhile, but this controller just has too many hiccups. It decided to mess up again this morning. I can get it going but it just wants to shut off. I need to get a new nic ordered.