Need advice on new GPU, possibly CPU

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May 12, 2010
  1. Relic

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    Hi Kiler, HK is technically correct. The cards specifications are not lying but being thorough, that is because all PSU's are not created equal. By that I mean if you take a 500W from one company and compare it to another they likely are not the same nor deliver the same power. This has more to do with marketing imo and consumers misunderstanding of what is important about a PSU. The two most important things you should know about is 80 PLUS (higher efficiency) and amperage on the +12V rail imo. The latter is the most important since this is where most of your power will be drawn from including your CPU & GPU. Bad PSU's or ones not able to handle the stress of the system can lead to instabilities like artifacts/reboots/bsod's and in the worst case even hardware damage.

    While the Corsair HK linked is a solid PSU I would recommend something stronger since it only has 33A on the +12V rail. Such as a 550W from Corsair, or even the original one you linked from Antec. Just remember that Antec comes with no power cable or anything else really just a simple box (Eco friendly). Also Corsair is not the only one that makes quality PSU's, but they are by far one of the best voted and and most recommended.

    Hope this helps :) .
  2. kiler1133

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    Thank you it did help ill buy the corsair you linked
  3. hellokitty[hk]

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    Aww corsair 450 just became my new favorite psu...
    Oh well, maybe I should get a 5830 and try to run it on my corsair 400w, I bet it would work o.o.
  4. kiler1133

    kiler1133 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 27

    Ok thanks for all the help guys.I'm ordering it now.
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