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Need advice on printers

  1. Just joined this forum - seems to have some pretty good answers! I'm looking for advice on a project I'm working on. I'm involved with the Odyssey of the Mind creative problem solving program here in Delaware. The program has grown so much over the last decade we now need to run two tournaments on the same day and can no longer rely on volunteers to supply laptops and printers for our competition sites. I'm starting to look at buying about 14 laptops and printers for our use. However, they will only be needed for about two months a year (February & March). Can anyone offer advice on whether its best to buy inkjet or laser printers? I'm concerned about storing the equipment in an unheated/cooled mini-storage facility through the worst of the winter as well as the summer.
  2. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 9,173   +3,263

    2 months out of a year. Hmmm! I wonder if you could reach an agreement with a rental company. It could cut storage cost and present you with new equipment each year.

    I'm not an expert on printing equipment but I would lean toward Laser Printers. I've had several issues with Inkjet. Inkjet printouts will smear, if they get even the slightest bit wet. Over unused time, Inkjet printing head will dry and cause issues. This is probably my mileage only but, I've had more paper jams with Inkjet than I have with Laser.

    I've only had dealings with two Laser printers.
    • The first is an HP LaserJet 6P, which is a black and white laser printer. I've never had an issue with this printer. No matter how long between printing, it is always ready to go. If the pages start to fade, the cartridge can be shaken a few times before they need replacing.
    • The second is a Brother MFC-9460CDN Printer, which is a color laser printer. I've only one complaint with this printer, the cartridges have a timer on them. After a set number of prints, the machine will stop printing until the timed out cartridge is replaced. I will do my home work the next time I decide to buy and will do my best to avoid this manufactured feature (aka: I'm gonna call it a defect).
    Either way you should probably plan on starting each new year with new cartridges (ink or laser) and paper. Old paper can be one of the leading causes to paper jam, especially if curled and doesn't want to feed straight.

    Good luck with your endeavors! :)
  3. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    Inkjet printers cost more/page with the inks; they also do not store well as the nozzles dry up and sometimes are difficult to clear.

    Do your homework as some venders ink cartridges have heads in them and thus every cartridge is also a new print head.
  4. dreamer4life

    dreamer4life TS Rookie

    Definitely go with Laser Printers. I have worked at two printing companies, and unless the printers will not be used often (less then 50 pages a day) you are best off to go with a Laser.

    Ink Jets often have issues ( paper jams, nozzle leaks, heads need to be replaced, etc). Plus the cost per a page is way more with an Ink Jet.

    If you are actually going to buy a laser-jet, make sure to buy one where the drum is built into the Toner Cartridge (not Brother, Brother has lower prices, but you have to buy a $100 plus Drum every few toner cartridges). Everyone will have different opinions on which brand to go with.

    For what your needs are, I would say do not go with the cheapest brand, but you certainly do not need a high class expensive all in one Xerox or HP (a middle class model would suffice).

    I really like the first persons idea of renting one. Where I live many businesses actually rent their Laser Printers from companies, and part of the monthly fee covers maintenance as well. Personally that is the option I would go with : )
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