Need ATI Radeon X550 Drivers for Win Pro x64

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Dec 14, 2005
  1. I have repeatedly tried to install my new (!!!) ATI Radeon X550 card in windows pro x64, using ATI Catalyst 5.12, but I keep getting the same error message over and over: "INF file is missing".
    I also use control panel to manually install the drivers as well as the Add New Hardware wizard to automatically detect the device but no luck...!!!!

    Anybody has a clue on how to solve the problem, or should I just drop Win x64?

  2. Masque

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    Chances are you'll need the drivers specifically for the 64-bit operating system. Have you checked ATI's site for such an animal?

    Edit: Here's the link.

    Remember, you need .net installed before you install the Catalyst drivers.
  3. fedtom

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    me too

    I have the same problem.
    I have an Asus Extreme AX550 (ati radeon x550 pcixpress) and I want to install drivers for it under Windows XP Pro x64.
    I have downloaded and installed .NET framework 2.0 from Microsoft, but when I try to install catalyst drivers I get the error message "THUNK! inf file missing".
    I tried to copy and past the .inf driver file in every directory of the setup (I thought that maybe the installation procedure looked for it in another directory), but without any success.
    I tried with original cd drivers, downloaded drivers from Asus site and with downloaded drivers from ATI. Nothing changes: everytime the same error.
    So I'm asking Rolling if you have found a solution (please don't tell me "buy another graphic card :) !") if you can tell me and all the others forum's users if they know something about this matter.
    Thank you everybody.

  4. paulla

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  5. eduadan

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    Sharap All

    go to
    and search for the alternative drivers for ati or nvidea (x64) ... now my ati radeon 9250 works well with XP 64x.
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