Need help networking 2 wireless routers

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If anyone could help that would be great as I seem to be hitting brick wall after brick wall.

At the moment I have 1 ADLS Modem Wirekess router, my laptop and PC access the internet from this using wireless. The router is downstairs next to the telephone line.

I wish to bring in a second wireless modem router, only to use the router side not the modem. I want this to sit up stairs and supply my console with a link to the internet. I want to have a short cat-5 cable go from this second router to the console. I want the router downstairs to feed the upstairs router the web connection through wireless.

Can someone explain how and if this can be done.

Many many thanks in advance
Is there a options for the second wireless router to be an access point?

~~ Wireless Laptop ~~

Wireless Router 2 (Access Point Feature Active) second floor)
| - cat 5e patch cord is needed between the two
Wireless Router 1 (next to the modem)
| - cat 5e patch cord is needed here
ADSL Modem
| - cat 5e ultra phone line cable works best here (belkin mades these)
Internet Access
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